Technical History until 2003

Contains major work up to 2003.

Activities up to 2002

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Activity Details

July 2001 – August 2002. Senior Developer Digital Rights Management, BBC Technology.

Engaged by BBC Technology, Winnersh, Reading, developing a Digital Rights Management system for the application of Digital Rights to both Audio and Video Streaming Media. My chief responsibilities were as follows:

· Acting Technical Architect for the design of Digital Rights Management System
· Design and implementation of the Digital Rights Management database.
· Design and implementation of Digital Rights Business objects for both Windows Media and Real Systems.
· Design and implementation of ISAPI extension DLL to act as web-facing interface.

Tools/skills: VC++, COM+/ATL, SQL 2000, XML/XSL, UML,ASP

December 2000 – June 2001. Senior Developer WAP/Internet Banking, IBM.

Engaged by IBM at their client site at Royal Bank of Scotland, Edinburgh on a short contract in the role of Senior Developer working on the Mobile Internet (WAP) and PC Internet banking projects. Chief responsibilities have included the following:

· Development of WML/XML Script Card and Deck Code and XSL Style-sheets for use on both Nokia and Siemens User-Agents for both the Royal Bank and National Westminster Bank Mobile Banking products.
· Re-design and re-work of existing C++ Business Objects to accommodate the changes required after the company’s acquisition of National Westminster Bank.

Tools/skills: ASP, WAP, WML/XML, XSL, VC++, COM/ATL, HTML, Javascript.

April 1998 – December 2000. Senior NT System Designer, ICL Fujitsu.

Engaged in the role of Senior NT System Design Engineer at ICL Pathway, Feltham, working on a major project for the complete automation of all Post Offices in the U.K. The project, based mostly on NT platforms will provide a paperless, automated solution for the payment of Benefit, Pensions, Water and Electricity Bills etc., and all of the other business currently handled by Post Office Counters Ltd. My chief duties during the course of the project have included the following:
· NT Design Authority for all NT platforms. This involved taking ownership and review of all Logical platform Designs and providing support/consultancy to other Design team members in the build definition, design, and implementation of the NT platform applications.
· Requirements Analysis, Design and Implementation of a Design Database and Intranet Website holding all details of each of the NT Platforms within the project, together with the Domain and Security Designs for the project. This involved the capture of business and security requirements in UML, the development of the database prototype in Access, and the production of ASP Web pages for entry and edit of data, Queries and Reports. Final command scripts for configuration of the NT platforms were also produced using ASP, thus automating the process of design to implementation.
· Consultancy on the security aspects of the NT 4.0 deployment, including the definition and implementation of User profiles, Rights and Policies within the logical domains of the system.

Tools/skills: OMT/UML, OOD, ASP, VBScript, HTML, XML, VC++, COM/ATL, ADO, ADSI. Access/SQL7.

January 1998 – April 1998. Team Leader/Design/Developer, Nat West Bank, London.

Engaged by for National Westminster Bank plc, providing Team Leadership and OOD design and implementation in C++ of an Application Frameworks for a Telephone Banking System. The Frameworks classes were intended to provide a portable and safe environment for the implementation of the telephone banking system by Application Programmers. My duties during the project have included the following:

· Mentoring team members in OOD techniques using UML, and the Standard Template Library (STL).
· Design and implementation of high-quality portable Date/Time and Error-reporting Classes.
· Augmenting the Document Generation scripts of Rational Rose, to produce documentation to Nat. West’s requirements.
· Consultation on the design and implementation of other classes including portable thread classes, persistence and string classes.

Tools/skills: VC++ v.5.0, STL, COM/ATL, Rational Rose and Clear Case.

April 1997 – January 1998. Team Leader/Senior Developer, News Digital Systems Ltd.

Engaged by News Digital Systems Ltd., Heathrow, as Team Leader/Developer in the design and implementation of a Satellite Subscriber Management System.
The SMS is intended to satisfy the Business Requirements of SkyLA in the service of some 10 million subscribers in Latin America. The project, which is 3-tier Client-Server based, running on Windows NT 4.0, was built using state-of-the-art Microsoft Technology together with Oracle version 7.3330, and latterly version 8.
My duties during the project included the following:

· Requirements Analysis, Design and Implementation of both the Impulse-Pay-per-View (IPPV) and One-off Pay-per-View (OPPV) subsystems. Heavy use of Active X controls has been made to interface C++ Business Objects to the GUI, which has been largely written in VB. The design of IPPV and OPPV is intended to facilitate the ‘tearing off’ of this functionality, so that this can be deployed on Internet pages, as well as for use in the main GUI.
· Analysis, Design and Implementation of a multi-connection NT Eventlog Server and COM Interfaces, which serves to interface the various SMS sub-systems to the NT Eventlog for the logging of errors.
· The design and implementation of Microsoft Transaction Server (MTS) Transaction Context Classes and COM interfaces, to support the use of transactioning on the middle tier using DCOM. This involved close co-operation with the Microsoft MTS team at Redmond.
· Mentoring members of the team in OOD techniques, and in how to produce quality industrial-strength C++ classes.

Tools/skills: OMT/UML VB, VC++, COM/ATL, MTS, Oracle 7.3, STL.

Sept 1995 – April 1997. Senior Designer/Developer, Philips Medical Systems.

Engaged by Philips Medical Systems - Radiotherapy, in Crawley, West Sussex, to carry out re-engineering of software for both the technical and clinical aspects of the use of Linear Accelerators in Radiotherapy. The Client-Server based project, involved the re-design of both data-storage and user-interface together with the development of new Client Applications.
My responsibilities in the project included the following:

· Mentoring of various Team members in the correct use of OMT.
· Design and Development of Visual Basic Code Generation and Design Document Tools using OLE Automation with Microsoft Word and Select OMT.
· Requirements Analysis, design and implementation of Client Application interfaces on the OLE Linear Accelerator Server. whose function is to drive the Linear Accelerator Control System when giving radiation to a patient. The interfaces were implemented as OCX’s so that a well-defined and secure interface is presented for Applications written both in Visual C++ and Visual Basic.
· Design and implementation of a powerful mapping class, for use by both C++ and Visual Basic applications. This was implemented in VC++ using the STL.
· Design and implementation of a generic Object Browser, primarily for use by both the Enter/Update Patient Course of Treatment and Administer Patient Treatment applications.
· Requirements Analysis, design and implementation of the Administer Patient Treatment Application. This involved both communication with both the Microsoft SQL Server Patient Database, and the Linac Server, via its OCX’s, together with implementation of the business processes required for the treatment of a patient.

Tools/skills: OMT/UML, VC++, Visual Basic, Objectory, Delphi, COM, Safety-Critical Working, and Quality Audits.

March 1995 - August 1995. Technical Consultant, Marks & Spencer, London.

Engaged by Marks & Spencer plc, at their Head Office in Baker St. London, to act as technical consultant in the Design and Implementation of a new Food Ordering & Allocation System, for the production of all Supplier Orders and Depot Allocations for all M&S stores in the UK and Northern Ireland.
My responsibilities in the project included the following:
· Requirements Analysis and Design required for the generation & combination of both Ordering & Allocation Business Models.
· Analysis, design and implementation of a Generic Stream Class for the streaming out of Business Model Objects, and the production of Archives for each Ordering run.
· Design and implementation of a filter application, for the filtering of various Order runs.
· Design and implementation of an application to merge the output of the Business Model with that of Merchandiser created orders.
· Analysis, design and implementation of a Supplier-Order Instructions application, for the generation of paper copy of orders in the event of Electronic Mail breakdown.

Tools/skills: OMT/UML, C++ (IBM xlC), Rogue-Waves Tools.h, AIX on RS6000, VC++.
March 1994 - March 1995 Analyst/Programmer, Yorkshire Water, Bradford.

Engaged by Yorkshire Water at their Systems Development Dept. in Bradford, to design and implement sub-system modules for an Object-Oriented Asset database covering the total range of the companies assets in Yorkshire. The database is to exist as both a DEC-based DBMS; and a local (PC-Hosted) database based on Microsoft Access. The Graphical Editor is a GUI MDI Application running on Windows, and supporting OLE automation as well as in-place activation. My main responsibilities in the project included:

· Design and implementation of Graphical Object Cache and Router, Lock Management, Content Management and Profile Management Classes
· Design and implementation of a COM server application for client access of the company's Boundary & Zones Information database.
Tools/skills: OMT/UML, VC++, MFC, Access, SQL, RDBMS (VAX)

July 1992 - March 1994. Team Leader/Designer/Developer, BAE Space Systems, Filton.
Engaged by British Aerospace, at their Space Systems & Earth Observation Dept., Filton, Bristol, and latterly at The Met. Office Bracknell, to design and produce systems for the display of Met. Office Weather information covering the UK & Europe.
Tools/skills: OMT/UML, Borland C++, Greenleaf Comm libraries.

Oct 1990 - Jun 1992. Analyst/Programmer, Philips Telecom, Cambridge.
Engaged by Philips Telecom in Cambridge working on most aspects of an Intelligent Terminal System for control of fleet mobile radios.
Tools/skills: C, Modula-2, 8086 Assembly Language.

Sept - October 1990 Analyst/Programmer, British Telecom, Leeds
Integrating various BT company software products under DesQview.
Tools/skills: Borland C, 8086 Assembler, DesQview.

May - August 1990. Analyst/Programmer, Rover Group, Gaydon.
Development of Engine Management Systems for a range of Rover vehicles.
Tools/skills: MCS-96 Assembler, PL-M86, C.

March- April 1990. Analyst/Programmer, The Nestle Company (Freelance)
Production of software for an RS422 industrial network.
Tools/skills: 8086 assembly language, 'C' & Modula-2.

Nov 1983 - Feb 1990. Chief Software Development Engineer, CMS (Cambridge)
Products developed by me in the seven years with this company include: FORTH Compilers, MULTI-BASIC, Disc Filing Systems, Assemblers, Cross-Assemblers, Eprom Programmers, Prototype Hardware Development, Communications Packages, 'C' & Modula-2 Libraries.

April 1982 - Jul 1983. Software/Hardware Consultant, HCCS, Gateshead.
Retained for the development of BBC MicroComputer Hardware & Software. Whilst with this company, several successful products were developed by me, including FORTH Compilers for the ACORN ATOM, The BBC Microcomputer and Epson HX-20.

Re-train on Microprocessors at Newcastle College, and work on polyphonic Synthesizers. (6502 Ass. Lang)

1963 – 1982
Radio-TV and Electronic Engineering for various companies.