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Even more Knews from Wounded Knee...

News & CommentPosted by El Grande de JB de Forth Thu, July 30, 2009 16:01:58

Report of MRI scan of both knees arrived this morning, and I quote verbatim:

'The MRI scan of both his knees has identified on the right knee a horizontal oblique tear of the medial meniscus and on the left knee a complex medial meniscal tear.'

I see the consultant again on 6th August.

Wiki has this to say about the medial meniscus. The outlook is grim, and Nicola's assertion that the ankle problems are probably caused by gait distortion due to the knee weaknesses looks more and more likely. (previous post regarding ankles)

I see Nicola again tomorrow. Although I have been attempting to strengthen the ankle muscles with exercise, the right one is no better. I have discovered that wearing thicker socks with my shoes enables me to walk further, and no doubt this is due to the added support, so I have taken to wearing my shoes round the house, instead of flimsy slippers.

Hey ho! On a different tack, Wot happened to the summer? Did I blink? Pictures of campers in Keswick watching Swans swimming in between their tents and talk of the Met. Office finally abandoning their long-range forecasts in disgust - not before time either. If there's one thing that dosn't change - it's the changeability of the British weather. Plus ca la change, non ca la change.


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