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The Downside - part 2

The Occasional DiaristPosted by El Grande de JB de Forth Thu, May 21, 2009 18:05:30
Thursday 21st May 2009 17:26
Just finished a lovely meal - main course stewed shin beef, new potatoes and peas followed by (forbidden) rhubarb pie. AND two big glasses of good french red wine. I’ve thought of a TLA for times like this: BBS - Brittle Behaviour Syndrome. This very accurately describes the rest of my afternoon. I needed to shop so jumped in the car, sat at the roundabout at the top of the road and cursed/fumed/shouted abuse at those people who, although have been driving for years, still don’t know how to use a roundabout. In the supermarket, I managed to upset the guy in front of me in the checkout, when he dropped some of his change - he didn’t even look at me when I remarked that he obviously had too much money, and would he give some of it to me. Then, on the way home, was pulled over by a snot-nosed policeman in a jam sandwich who proceeded to lecture me on the correct behaviour at traffic lights on RED. Followed that up by dispensing unwelcome advice to my friendly electronics shop proprietor on how to stop malicious propaganda about them on the web. All-in-all I suppose I should be glad that I arrived back home in one piece, but couldn’t resist attacking the wine. It has made me feel a little better, but sadly, the effects are only transitory.
So, while everyone is still in the mood, take a listen to this very lovely version of ‘Boots of Spanish Leather’ by Cathy Jordan: Boots of Spanish Leather - her rendition of this feels like someone tenderly caressing my heart.


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