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Terrorism - Perception or Reality?

Misery from misinformationPosted by El Grande de JB de Forth Wed, April 29, 2009 11:19:33

To a very large numbers of New-Yorkers on Monday, the sight of a large passenger jet being 'chased' by an F16 must have been the ultimate nightmare - that it was all happening again, for some would be almost too much to bear.

Doctors have fancy names togther with soundbite acronymns that roll off the tongue, but the fact is that the fight/flight instinct in all of us is still very much alive and kicking - just as well, because the instinct that has preserved us as a species is very active and receives constant updates because of incidents such as 9/11.

The crassness of an administration that carries out such a stunt as that seen over the skies of New York is almost beyond imagination. The cynical/conspiracy theorists amongst us might say that it was done purposefully, simply to justify the removal of yet more of citizens civil liberties.

I'm sick to the back teeth of hearing the word 'sorry' from administrations that couldn't organise their way out of a paper bag. It is time for some 'natural justice'.

One suggestion I have is that the Mayor of New York arranges for a set of stocks be erected near Ground Zero and that as well as being stripped of their jobs and pensions, these cack-handed idiots should be put in them on a daily basis. New-Yorkers can then be invited to show/tell them exactly what they think of the stunt, and pelt them with rotten food donated from the cities' restaurants.


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