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My little stick of Blackpool Rock

Bad BehaviourPosted by El Grande de JB de Forth Fri, April 24, 2009 12:37:15

I've just come back after a visit to Blackpool and my partner was very angry with me when I presented her with a stick of Whitley Bay Rock. Let me explain, I promised her I'd bring her back a stick of Blackpool Rock and I forgot. Rather than 'fess up, I called in to 'The Candyman' sweet shop on the way home and bought a stick of local rock (which has 'Whitley Bay' written all the way through it) thinking she wouldn't notice, but of course she did. She stormed off in one of her tempers and her last words were - 'keep your promise, and get me a stick of Blackpool Rock, or I'll never speak to you again!'

I hunted around on the Internet and came across a Church in America that says that anything is possible if you try hard enough, so I emailed them regarding changing the lettering in the middle of my rock.

I was surprised and a little hurt when the Pastor replied to my email reprimanding me for my frivolous and disrespectful request.

Now I would have thought that if this Church can convert Gay men into Heterosexuals, it should be a cinch to sort out my Rock problem.

Whaddya Fink?


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