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The things we doPosted by El Grande de JB de Forth Thu, April 02, 2009 11:13:28

I've just returned from the hospital after seeing Mr. Asaad for a 'review' of my knee problems after his treatment of the left knee last month. Mr. Asaad was clearly disappointed to learn that the beneficial effects of the cortisone injection in the left knee has only lasted for the following day. So, before he proceeds further, he wishes to arrange an MRI scan of both knees - for which I'll have to wait another 2 weeks. (at least)

I'm getting an impression here - in which the words 'grasping' and 'straws' figure largely.

Ah well! The sun is shining this morning, and it's a lovely day - if a little cool. The blossom will be appearing on my Cherry trees shortly and it's nearly time to break out the grass cutter from it's 4 month hibernation, and also get stuck into sawing bits of wood and stuff.


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