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Sleep-walking into a Police State

News & CommentPosted by El Grande de JB de Forth Sun, March 22, 2009 09:30:42

Instead of doing the job they are paid to do, and using laws that already exist to tackle widespread anti-social behaviour, politicians - aided and abetted by both Police and stupid people alike are taking us closer & closer to being one of the most proscribed populations ever. We are already the most spied-upon citizens in the world and it is quite obvious that the government simply dosn't trust us - any of us, to behave in a responsible and proper way.

All of us are to be treat as terrorist suspects.

All of us are to be treat as potential drunks.

All of us are to be treat as knife-wielding thugs - especially the children amongst us.

All of us are to be treated as potential thieves.

I am heartily sick of being lumped-in with a very small percentage of jihadists, alcoholics, thugs and thieves.

At a national level - acres of newsprint is given over to doctors pontificating about alcohol consumption - locally more & more reports of 'alcohol-exclusion' zones.

If this useless bunch of pricks we call a Government would put right some of the glaring inequalities in our society, a large percentage of offenses would simply not be committed. The latest figures for the cost of the much-vaunted ID card scheme is being put at £18 Billion - just think of the positive-effect that this huge amount of money could have in making Britain a more inclusive society.


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