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More Knee Stuff

The things we doPosted by El Grande de JB de Forth Thu, March 05, 2009 16:31:57

Any more of this, and it will probably be worth creating a special domain for knees. (unfortunately & are already taken)

I've received a copy of Mr. Asaads letter to my GP (given below - click on the page to view readable scan)

Despite my unfailing optimism, and the time spent by myself as well as that of the consultant, the left knee is no better. I had complete relief until very late on thursday evening (1 whole day), and back to 'normal' on Friday, with both knees just sore in the morning, and progressively worsening as the day proceeded, so that by 6:00pm I was back to dragging myself upstairs by my arms, because putting any strain on the left knee caused unbearable pain.

In recent conversation regarding the problem, a suggestion to put a lift into the second stairwell of my house - meant as a joke - is becoming a strong possibility.

For those unfamiliar with the layout of my house, when I took up residency it had a completely self-contained granny-flat, including a separate stairwell. I ripped out these stairs (along with the kitchen, shower and extra loo) and created more rooms, the lower of which is used as a small workshop. I will lose this space if I install a stair-lift there.


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