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Wii Bad for your Knee?

The things we doPosted by El Grande de JB de Forth Thu, March 05, 2009 16:27:26

Have you seen this?

Now I don't have a Wii - but do have bad knees, so it seems a bit like smoking, there are those of us (not me) who have developed Lung Cancer even though they never smoked, whilst others (including me) have a completely clear set of lungs - to date, anyway - and smoked for a large part of their life . It dosn't seem fair that I've been deprived of all of the fun and enjoyment that Wii can bring, yet I'm still afflicted with knee problems. Mind you, I'm an inveterate shaker of Tuna tins - which looks a bit like using the Wii, so maybe that's the cause.

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