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Struck down in my prime

The things we doPosted by El Grande de JB de Forth Wed, August 12, 2009 21:13:37

Obviously jealous of all you sweet young things and your piggy 'flu, my frail old frame has decided to come up with an alternative. Since Sunday I've been trying to put a name to what I've got but can't. I've got a slightly-runny nose, a dry ticklish cough, itchy eyes and each day since the weekend starts OK but by lunch-time I have a blinding headache, a temperature and nausea.

This couldn't have happened in a worse week, as today I had to MOT the car, so had to give it a good talking-to on both Monday and Tuesday mornings, because every afternoon has been spent half-dozing in bed. It passed thankfully.

I've been up an hour simply because I ache, but I'm now off back to bed. Sorry, no rants this week - I haven't got the energy.

Oh, BTW, a letter from NHS informs me of an 'up to 18 weeks' wait for surgery on my left knee - no hurry there then!


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