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The BBC: From Exemplar to sloppy also-ran

Misery from misinformationPosted by El Grande de JB de Forth Tue, August 11, 2009 09:22:32

I hate sloppiness. Let me re-phrase that: I hate sloppiness in those whose raison d'etre is to inform and educate. Now that most newspapers are simply comics, pandering celebrity pap to the masses, I expect that at least the BBC would retain it's high standards in the reporting of news and presentation of it's programs.

Two things annoyed me last week. The first was in the trailing of the excellent swedish-language crime series Wallander - using a picture of Kenneth Brannagh?!

Yes, I know the BBC made it's 'own' version of Wallander - to much acclaim, however, I regard the swedish version vastly superior. Is it pettiness, ignorance or just sloppiness that allows misinformation and misdirection such as this to take place?

Number two annoyance was caused by a radio news reader describing the USA as Britain's 'oldest' ally! This is at best, extremely contentious, at worst, plain stupid, and smacks of hastily-written copy gleaned from that font of all misdirection - WIKI, which as everyone knows can be altered - is altered - at the whim of anyone with a revisionist streak.

The BBC were first to criticise this bunch of crooks we call a government for obtaining it's 'intelligence' regarding Saddam's WMD's from a 19-year old student's essay he'd published on the Web, but apparently they themselves are no different. Perhaps if the job of reporting news was done by reporters, instead of 'readers', we might recover some of the accuracy that the BBC used to excel in and which is now woefully lacking.

Welcome to the dumbed-down 21st Century BBC.


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