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Ankles, Photos and Tunnelling

The things we doPosted by El Grande de JB de Forth Sat, August 01, 2009 01:40:27

Visit to Physiotherapy Dept. today.

The lovely Nicola was delighted to find that my right ankle muscles have improved, due to the exercises and extra support I've given both feet by disposing of flimsy slippers and wearing shoes full time with thicker socks. She agrees that full mobility is still compromised by the serious damage to both knees, but she intimated that she expects the consultant will offer surgery for both knees. We'll find out more on the 6th.

TripAdvisor have accepted and published three of the photos of Cullercoats I took recently, these are here:

I intend going tunnelling this weekend - through the original pedestrian/cyclists tunnel under the Tyne - a short hop from the much (newer) road tunnel.

I remember my old man taking us kids on our bikes back in the early fifties, and standing on what was at the time the longest escalator (made of wood!!) in the world, as at the time the lifts never worked. The journey started at home in the centre of Gateshead following the old coast road through Pelaw to Jarrow, under the Tyne, then back home via the north side of the river. At that time of course, it was a very different river scene than it is today, with industrial activity all the way up both banks.

Info on the tunnel is here:


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