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Commuter Cat Conundrum

News & CommentPosted by El Grande de JB de Forth Thu, July 30, 2009 08:56:57

At last a heartwarming story makes it onto the news:

A cat has become such a well-known user of a Devon bus service that its drivers know where to let him off.

Casper has been queuing with other passengers to get the number three service from his home in Plymouth for months, bus company First said.

<full story here>

This reminds me of my first real spell of working in London. I used to catch the Tube from Paddington to Baker Street every morning. Pigeons would wait patiently for a train to arrive, walk sedately into a carriage, then get out at Edgware or Baker Street. At the same time as arriving at Baker St., other pigeons waiting at Baker St., would board the train as others were leaving. I never grew tired of watching these animals taking free rides, rather than flying, and my respect at their intelligence grew with each day I watched them.

Although not a frequent traveller on Tyne & Wear Metro, I do still use it, but have never seen similar behaviour here - perhaps Geordie pigeons lack the sophistication of their southern brethren?

Have a good morning.


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