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The Word.

The things we doPosted by El Grande de JB de Forth Wed, July 15, 2009 17:43:34

Spread the word and you'll be free
Spread the word and be like me
Spread the word I'm thinking of
Have you heard the word is love?

Give the word a chance to say
That the word is just the way
It's the word I'm thinking of
And the only word is love

(Lennon & McCartney)

Never in modern man's 60,000 years of history, has there been so many individuals documenting events, both important and/or trivial/ephemoral, on a day-to-day basis. Perhaps it will be the literal capture of ephemera that will prove most fascinating by future history students, as it is these events that in the past were not documented and prove to be of most interest to us today.

The almost insatiable appetite of some for the most insignificant thoughts/actions of 'celebrities' is demonstrated by the huge numbers who follow these folks on sites like Twitter. Individuals (myself included) simply tell anyone/everyone 'out there' what they are thinking/doing and this is captured for posterity on digital media.

Engines such as Google constantly scrutinise and tag the whole WWW so that it forms a coherent, easily accessed medium, storing the collective thoughts/actions of a billion blog/website scribblers. A recent comment by a Google analyst when questioned about 'privacy' said: 'Forget it - it's too late to do anything about it.'

My thoughts go back to prognosis made in the sixties, both by authors and scientists, about what life would be like now. Worries at the time about Big Brother 1984, and conversely, the happy prospects of non-stop leisure as autonomous robots did all of our work. All of the forecasts were not just wrong, they didn't contain one grain of the reality that has been brought about by the inexorable rise in power of - the written word.

Yeah, I know, you probably thought I was going to say 'computer'. But without the words forming the instructions to the machine from us, a computer is simply a useless aggregation of expensive bits and pieces. That the primary role of most computers today is the acquisition and distribution of words fully completes the circle.


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