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Now I know how Lot's wife felt...

The things we doPosted by El Grande de JB de Forth Wed, July 15, 2009 16:49:06

The dying embers of the night a fire that slowly fades till dawn
Still glow upon the wall so bright burning burning burning
The tired streets that hide away from here to everywhere they go
Roll past my door into the day in my blue world

I turn to stone when you are gone, I turn to stone.
Turn to stone when you comin home, I cant go on.
Turn to stone when you are gone, I turn to stone.

(Jeff Lynne)

It's just as well that I don't believe that I'm being punished for past sins by being turned to stone - surely I didn't commit that many! - just that coping with the process is punishing in itself.

Recent visits to wise consultants results in opinions that are now ludicrously easy to forecast - because these learned individuals inevitably all come to the same conclusion - they have no strategy for dealing with this condition.

I append the pertinent part of a letter I received this morning wrt a visit a few weeks ago.

The scary part is in the last paragraph: 'Unless his investigations show any particular cause for concern I have not arranged a further follow up but I would be happy to see him in the future'

'Cause for concern'? It's my humble opinion that losing completely the use of my legs is something I would regard as 'Cause for concern'.

Note that as yet there is no mention of results from the blood tests and X-rays taken at the same time.


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