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The Tweet Is Mightier Than The Sword

News & CommentPosted by El Grande de JB de Forth Wed, June 17, 2009 04:01:23

Are we seeing another revolution in Iran? Will the tweeted word prove to be the undoing of this religious dictatorship? After all, the crumbling and final demise of the Soviet Union was brought about - we are told reliably - by The Beatles - well, by Western Pop Music anyway. The availability of the Twitter website was considered so important by the USA administration that they mandated an imminent upgrade by it’s proprietors to be delayed - until further notice.

Meanwhile that sad little git in 10 Downing Street is back on form with his spinning and self-puffery with an announcement that ‘Britain is to be the technological capital of the World’ with the provision of 20MBit broadband into every home. Hasn’t anyone dared to tell this idiot that a large number of countries have already left Britain way behind in the broadband bandwidth stakes - Singapore, an ex-British colony - has access to rates as high as 100MBits, for example.

The Internet is proving that it can be a force for good - despite recent examples of its abuse by child-molesters. This, and the mobile camera-phone have proved to be a match and more for facists - both in this country and abroad. Actions by sick policemen and over-zealous security forces the world over are captured by individuals on their phones and find their way onto YouTube etc., etc., in a matter of minutes. These are both seen and copied many times over by anyone else in the world with access to the Net. The Net embodies the very nature of Pandora - the giver of all - despite completely fruitless attempts to slam down the lid by these corrupt states.


First published on Wed. 17th June 2009

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