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Why aren't politicians perfect?

Misery from misinformationPosted by El Grande de JB de Forth Wed, May 13, 2009 02:04:24

Much noise is being made wrt our honourable ladies and gentlemen dipping their snouts into taxpayers pockets - more noise in fact than the cries of shame over Freddie the Shreddie and his £700,000 per year pension, and all of the other outrageous rapes of the British taxpayer of late.

I don't very often agree with Stephen Fry - I have to admit to taking an opposite view immediately he opens his mouth about anything, but on this occasion?

Well, let us see: Our politicians are our elected representatives who form HM Government & Opposition. They are chosen from amongst us, and let's face it, things would be in a very serious state (no pun intended) if they were in any shape or form unlike us.

We should all be a little glad that they are like the rest of us and behaving in exactly the same way - petty stealing, petty fraud, buck-passing, lying, rewarding incompetence, celebrating greed. It makes us feel that we aren't so bad after all.

Welcome to 21st century Britain

Now where's that pile of stones?


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