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Innocent victims?

News & CommentPosted by El Grande de JB de Forth Sat, April 18, 2009 20:00:38

The two events that have dominated the week both concern crowds of people, and unnecessary deaths.

One of course is the recent demo at the G20 in London - like shit on your shoe, more unacceptable thuggery is being revealed as the weight of camera-supported evidence supplied by the public is reported/submitted.

The other is the 20th anniversary of the notorious cup-final at Hillsborough. The event/service/gathering at Annfield was widely reported on TV and Radio, and the same old questions were dragged down from the shelf, the dust blown off them and the now-familiar mawkish behaviour trotted out by all and sundry. Whilst I have great sympathy for the families that have lost relations in this disaster, I'm surprised that they are still demanding a public enquiry. All of the circumstances that brought about the tragedy are all now known. Let me enumerate them:

1. Greed. The greed of Football-club owners and players knows no bounds. Totally inadequate safety provisions and a complete denial of duty-of-care to spectators was and in many cases still is, rampant.

2. Stupidity. The herd-like mentality of a drunken rabble who pushed forward disregarding everyones' safety including their own.

3. Incompetence. Police should never have allowed the doors to be opened to allow what they themselves described as an unruly mob, to surge through them. That their fellow officers inside the ground then treated the escape attempts by innocent fans who were being crushed to death, as a riot, would be high farce if it hadn't been so tragic.

The truth often hurts - when the Sun newspaper commented at the time on the disaster and dared to suggest that the main protagonists were a bunch of drunken fans, it was duly boycotted by everyone in Liverpool.

I've another suggestion to make to Liverpool supporters - just because a lot of people in red jerseys have convinced themselves in denial to believe in something, that dosn't make it a fact - it is still just a belief until it is proven.

Let's look at the truth:

It is true that Football Clubs employ underpaid Asians in faraway sweat-shops to make shirts etc., which are then sold to fans at a grossly-inflated price that is in itself insulting - but fans keep on paying.

It is true that footballers take home the lions-share of premier league club profits in obscene wage packets and bonuses.

It is true that fans attending matches are regularly spending more per visit than it costs me to go to the Opera.

It is true that fans are still involved in drunken brawls with opposition supporters in the stupid belief that they are 'supporting' their team. In Newcastle this manifests itself as 'The Toon Army', when all they are is a bunch of drunken tossers, whose behaviour the rest of the population is totally pissed off with.

It is true that a large number of owners/directors of Football clubs have nothing but contempt for the fans. Sadly it is also true that the behaviour of a large number of these 'fans' puts them beneath my contempt.

Now I wonder where I put my cap and rattle?


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