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That Was The Week I Wish Wasn't

The things we doPosted by El Grande de JB de Forth Sat, April 18, 2009 12:23:23

Thankfully it's nearly over - the week that is. Despite trying to keep busy, in an effort to bring my sleeping patterns back into 'normal' time, all I've succeeded in doing is bringing on a weariness which couldn't be allayed other than by lying down and dozing - through the day that is. A pattern has emerged where I am now taking 2 naps in the afternoon, one after lunch and another around tea-time, going to bed 'as normal' at around midnight, but lying awake until around 3am, taking another dose of paracetamol and reading until about 4am and finally drifting off around 4:20 or so, only to wake again at around 7:30am. A look at the clock, I then moan and whinge a bit and try to dose 'til around 9:00am when I drag myself out of bed to start the whole weary process over again.

There has been a study in America of the neurological processes that go awry caused by Jet Lag. These also appertain to those amongst us who can't sleep properly and/or become partially/totally nocturnal. Using rats, (mental picture of rats flying1st class from Paris to New York!) the study concludes that we have two internal clocks, rather than one, and that when these become out-of-sync, that's when the problems start. It's early days yet, but the research team hope to develop drugs to overcome the worst affects of sleep disorder. I can't wait.

Thursday afternoon seen me lying with just my head sticking out of a great big superconducting electromagnet for nearly an hour, as each knee had all the Hydrogen protons jiggled around, in an effort to ascertain the extent of the calcification of ligaments in each. I watched the progress of the program on an LED display above my head, as the racket caused by the various stepping sequences of coils nearly deafened me, despite wearing ear defenders. Now another wait whilst the consultant ruminates over the results before calling me in to hear the worst.

It's back to Winter again. Grey skies, cold and generally uncomfortable. Writing this I've been racking my brains to think of anything good that's happened this week, but I can't, so I'll shut up.


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