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The Spoons, The Boxes & The Rubbish Bin

The things we doPosted by El Grande de JB de Forth Mon, December 22, 2008 15:50:55

45 years ago, I was working in Haydock, Lancashire as a steel erector on a petroleum storage plant. I was staying in digs, and it was customary (and cheaper) at the time to share a bedroom with another workmate. Now my room partner was a pleasant man, probably in his early fifties, who snored a lot. One night the snoring stopped. I saw him get out of his bed, cross the room, open the wardrobe door, then to my horror, proceed to pee into the wardrobe! He then got back into bed, and went back to sleep.

The next morning, I was glad to get back to the site, so that I could change into my ‘Tuf’ boots and dry out the ones that had been in the bottom of the wardrobe. That evening, over a drink in the pub, I quietly told him what I’d witnessed the night before – he apologised profusely, and presumably in mitigation, admitted that he ‘sometimes did silly things’ after drinking too much.

Now fast forward to the present.

I had to go out a few weeks ago and buy some more teaspoons. I can’t properly explain where their predecessors had gone, but did notice on at least one occasion, that an empty yoghurt pot had mysteriously installed itself in amongst the dirty dishes waiting to be washed. Then there was the guitar-stand boxes. I bought two more guitar stands recently, and after picking up and opening one end of the box, took out the stand, put the empty box on a chair and assembled the stand. I then cut along the box bottom and opened it only to find the box empty, and the other end inexplicably open!

I do quite a bit of engineering in my garage which involves getting my hands covered in mucky oil. I needed a pee, and made up my mind to have that, and then make a cup of coffee. I’m meticulous about touching myself with dirty hands, so went into the kitchen and washed off the muck at the kitchen sink, turned around and the next thing I noticed was that I was half-way through having a pee in the kitchen rubbish bin. At that point, I found it difficult to cut off the stream, I was laughing so much.

Can I explain the above behaviour? Well, I have been doing a project which I have found to be intellectually challenging, and I do take mind-altering medication that changes my perception.

I wonder what your excuse will be?


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