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Weapons of Personal Destruction

News & CommentPosted by El Grande de JB de Forth Thu, April 09, 2009 10:34:57

The whole world watched again yesterday, last weeks' actions of a British Police Force that is starting to resemble that of a Banana Republic, with yet another cowardly murder of an innocent citizen. There was no bomb threat for to blame this time - the murder being carried out by a masked psychopath who attacked his victim from behind for apparently no reason other than his own grisly satisfaction.

Now to make matters worse, we as British citizens are being lied to when told - as if it is some sort of mitigation - that 'the officer concerned has come forward'. Well of course he has, he's been ordered to say that he has as part of the tissue of lies, excuses and finger-pointing that has ensued. That the offending thug is seen talking to a clearly-visible and recognisable senior officer informs everyone that there really is no hiding place for him.

This is, I believe the final nail in the coffin of the relationship of trust that used to exist between the British Public and its' Police Force. Politicians may dissemble and try to convince us that we are still policed by consent - I for one do not want to be policed by masked, cowardly thugs. This low-life should have his mask removed and his face revealed to everyone - so that we all know him for what he is, then he should be thrown into prison.

I'm not even curious to know how such a coward attains his position in the force - we just need to look at the incompetent tosser of an Assistant Commisioner waving raid plans to the whole world to understand that a large number of the people who are responsible for directing police operations are either equally as stupid, or a bunch of state-sponsored fascists.


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