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Misery from misinformationPosted by El Grande de JB de Forth Thu, December 18, 2008 16:44:35

My friendly postman today delivered a reply from Mr. Jim Mackey (AKA Big Chief) to my letter of the 18th November. (post 0 on this blog)

The letter is both courteous and frank, and rather than me describing what Mr. Mackey has to say I've uploaded images of the scanned letter to here. My reply is published below.


FAO: Mr. Jim Mackey
Your Ref: JM.GW 5th December 2008

Dear Mr. Mackey,

Thank you for your letter above-referenced. I appreciate that you have spent time in investigating the unfortunate incidents outlined in my last letter, and I am pleased that you have taken the time to write to me and give me explanations for these. In my last letter I said that I wanted to see a positive outcome from my efforts, and it appears that you have instigated actions designed to address the various problems, and for this I am glad.

As far as I am concerned, I’m satisfied with the outcome and I will be putting these unfortunate experiences behind me. To finish then, there was one final incident which you haven’t mentioned in your letter - that my GP – Dr. Angus McManners, had been misinformed that I didn’t keep an appointment on the 6th August to see Mr. Attwood.
Perversely, this incident was ‘the last straw’ that prompted me to put my indignation into words in the first place. I have to admit that being falsely-accused is not something I deal with at all well – no doubt due to childhood experiences!

Yours sincerely,


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