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News & CommentPosted by El Grande de JB de Forth Sun, January 25, 2009 12:15:51

There is outcry currently at the BBC position on the Gaza appeal. The BBC has been accused of being an ‘apologist’ and worse, for their decision not to broadcast the appeal. There has also been criticism of their coverage of the recent atrocities committed by Israel on the Gaza populace. I have to say that in my opinion I’ve found the coverage by the BBC to be of it’s usual high standard, and has pulled no punches in it’s reporting of this recent terrible conflict.
The Islamic community have lambasted the BBC, protested with dolls and the like and in the process seem to have totally missed the point. They need to focus their ire on the real culprits who are the Israeli government, the British and American Governments, but finally and most culpable of all, their so-called brothers in the wider islamic community. The oil-rich Saudi government alone is capable of providing enough support forever to the desperate communities both in Gaza and the West Bank, and in applying more leverage to the Americans in forcing this rabid Israeli Government to behave with proportionality. The only friends the Palestinians seem to have locally are Jordan and Egypt, neither of which acting alone can give very much help to the Palestinians, but token support.

Ian Black writing in The Guardian on Tuesday last week draws stark attention to the very real culpability of the Palestinian’s ‘brothers’.


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