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Knee body knows the trouble I've had...

The things we doPosted by El Grande de JB de Forth Fri, January 16, 2009 20:43:39

Two more 'serial failures'. For quite a number of years, I've had periodic problems with my knees - particularly the left. This offending article was giving me problems way back when I had my big toe joints replaced. Well is seems to be 'crunch' time, (groan) both are bad - the left is very bad, so much so that on occaisions in the last 3 weeks I've been using a stick. Getting up/down stairs is a particular problem, and also attempting to kneel to access low cupboards or the fridge.

I saw the Doc. this week and he sent me for X-rays and wrote to a consultant at North Tyneside General Hospital. Smiling, he had first of all asked me if I wanted to visit the Freeman (in Newcastle) rather than NTGH. (A quiet reference to recent problems - see post#0) He also printed off a rather gruesome set of web pages demonstrating current practise in full knee replacement - I can't wait!!

More on this when I have further news.


P.S. On the subject of surgery:

Five Surgeons were in a pub swapping experiences.

The first, a Manchester surgeon, says: 'I like to see accountants on my
operating table, because when you open them up, everything inside is

The second, a Liverpool surgeon, responds: 'Yeah, but you should try
electricians! Everything inside them is colour coded.'

The third, a Newcastle surgeon, says: 'No, I really think librarians are the best; everything inside them is in alphabetical order.'

The fourth, a Birmingham surgeon, chimes in: 'You know, I like
construction workers...those guys always understand when you have a few
parts left over.

But the fifth, a London surgeon, shuts them all up when he observed:
You're all wrong. Politicians are the easiest to operate on. There's no
guts, no heart, no balls, no brains and no spine, and the head and the
arse are interchangeable.

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