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.....Knowing me?

The things we doPosted by El Grande de JB de Forth Thu, January 15, 2009 20:37:33

I took the trouble to answer 120 questions on an online dating site today. It was one of those 'limited multiple-choice' affairs in which you are not really allowed to express exactly the answer you feel fits yourself. I'll be honest - the resulting analysis is uncomfortably close to the truth. (no NOT in a Derren Brown way!)

Well here it is - warts and all. What do you think?




Main character features:

Dynamic, uneasy, desires to surpass others.

Positive features:

Ambitious, determined, dislikes laziness.

Acceptable disadvantages:

Sensitive to provocation, inefficient, deceptive, impatient, irritable.

General Characteristics

Social (‘How do they act’ i.e. Attitude towards others in social situations)

Performers are self-confident and unstoppable go-getters – they know what they want and remain active even when others are passive. They do not hide their feelings – indeed, they are proud of them and their mood is reflected in both their words and actions. They certainly do not shy away from love – getting it both physically and mentally as required, even if only in the short term. They know what they need from a partner and they dictate, rather than adjust. They are optimistic and will attempt to solve a problem however complicated it might appear.

The Performer gains satisfaction from their effect on people – it is natural for them to be the centre of attention, and they will defend this position from competition. They do not worry about obviously manipulating those around them to gain dominance. It is more normal for them to criticize than to compliment.

They are never satisfied with ‘no’, or the fact that someone does not like them or their close friends. Hostility from those around will stimulate, rather than depress, and if you show a Performer you do not like them, they will look for the reasons and take measures to change this. If you show disrespect you will find an irreconcilable enemy. Usually they have an innate sense of good taste and will dress well and expect the same of work colleagues and their partner. The Performer is extremely communicative; making contacts and winning sympathy is very easy for them. They are capable of social manipulation, such as playing a ‘cute little lamb’ role, if it will benefit them.

(BTW The test is the 'SoulMate' one on

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