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I've become a member of the Trust!!

Misery from misinformationPosted by El Grande de JB de Forth Mon, December 08, 2008 18:16:07

No, I have not received a response from Jim Mackey. (Mr. Big Chief in my earlier post) Nada. Nothing.

I have given Mr. Mackey quite a long time to reply, but it appears that he is too busy. What I did get in the post a week or so ago was a brochure (and form) from Northumbria Healthcare (saying "Here for you......" in the heading) which informs me that:

"You have become a member (of the Trust) in one of the following ways:

* If you have had an out-patient appointment at one of our hospitals.

* By filling in a form to join the foundation trust.

* You are a member of staff."

I feel very proud and deeply touched that they are 'there' for me. (where?)

Obviously making a complaint has also made me a 'member'. Perhaps they should add that to the list above.

I won't be writing to Mr. Mackey again - what's the point? He dosn't seem to be 'there' for me. For now I've emailed with links to this page. Will she be 'there' for me? - I'll let you know one way or the other.


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