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Pass my Voltarol Dear - there's a vulture in the garden!

Misery from misinformationPosted by El Grande de JB de Forth Thu, August 06, 2009 18:46:58

The 'wonder' drug Sodium Diclofenac has been blamed for a catastrophic 97% decrease in certain vulture populations in India. The widespread (ab)use of the drug in domestic animals has lead to vultures ending up with kidney failure and worse. As someone who took these seriously nasty little pills for too damn long, one sentence in the BBC report speaks volumes, and I quote:

'Early signs that the raptors are affected can be seen from the way they hang their heads down to their feet for long periods.'

Yeah, I know how they feel!

So, Voltarol joins the ever-growing list of 'miracle' cures that turn out to have devastating effect on the other animals with which we share our planet.

Full story here


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